SAE 20W-50 SL / CI-4

SAE 20W-50 SL / CI-4

Price Liters Amount
5.75 € 1 l 2
24.75 € 5 l 7

High performance motor oil for diesel and gasoline engines in commercial and passenger cars

High-performance engine oil, specially developed in order to satisfy the requirements of the specification API CI-4, particularly suited for the heavy duty diesel engines, with or without turbocharger.

Particularly recommended at elevated operating or ambient temperatures, whereby excellent viscosity stability and high lubricating film strength are guaranteed.

Properties and features

• Excellent anti-wear properties

• Strong neutralising effect

• The low ash content (1.16%), the viscosity stability and the outstanding resistance to oxidation, even under extreme operating conditions, are other special properties of this oil.


Recommended especially for the use in EURO I, II, III and IV heavy duty diesel engines, with or without turbocharger, of trucks and buses operating under severe of conditions where a SAE 20W-50 with the above mentioned specifications is required.

Also recommended for gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and light duty vehicles, with or without turbo.

Observe manufacturer’s specifications and instructions before use.

Specifications & performance

• ACEA E2/E5/E7
• ACEA A3/B4
• API CI-4 / SL
• MB 228.3
• MB 229.1


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