Antifreeze 40

Antifreeze 40

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Top quality antifreeze / coolant, based on ethylene glycol, free of nitrite, amine, phosphate and borate

It guarantees excellent protection against frost, corrosion, rust and overheating in all modern engines, especially high-performance aluminum engines, with long replacement intervals.

This product corresponds to the new coolant 40 (VW TL 774-G) from the VW Group and has been approved for the entire VW Group. It remains effective for a long time and is suitable for long periods of operation. The vehicle manufacturer's operating instructions must be observed here.

Antifreeze 40 is colored pink-purple.


• Free of nitrite, amine, phosphate and borate.
• Improved aluminum protection.
• Excellent long-term protection in all cooling circuits, both of aluminum motors and conventional motors.
• Prevents corrosion and deposits in the cooling system.
• Improved protection against cavitation and overheating.
• Higher chemical stability in hard water.
• Extended change intervals.


Antifreeze 40 is suitable for long operating times and can be used in modern car engines, especially for high-performance engines in which reliable protection of the aluminum surfaces at high temperatures is required.

The product is a concentrate. Mix with water before use: a mixing ratio of 50% is recommended to ensure better corrosion protection and anti-freeze protection down to -40 ° C. A minimum concentration of 33% (1/3 frost protection + 2/3 water) should not be undercut in any case.

Concentrations above 60% Antifreeze 40 are not recommended.

When selecting a product, the manufacturer's regulations must be observed.

Duration of use

For the maximum duration of use (often permanent filling), the maintenance manual of the vehicle must be observed.

Non-binding recommendation: change interval after 4 years. The system must be flushed thoroughly on this occasion.

Miscibility with other antifreeze and coolant protection agents

Since the special application advantages of the product are only achieved if Antifreeze 40 is used alone, it should only be mixed with other coolant protection agents in exceptional cases.

Nonetheless, Antifreeze 40 is compatible with conventional silicate-free and silicate-containing coolants.

For compatibility with other coolants, the vehicle manufacturer's operating instructions must be observed.

Mixed Table

Cold protection   [°C]     -20°  -40°
Antifreeze 48 [% Vol.] 33% 50%
Water [% Vol.] 67% 50%


• VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat; Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti
• Porsche
• Daimler/Mercedes-Benz
• Cummins
• Deutz
• Scania
• Liebherr
• TL 774-G (G40)
• Ab Baujahr 1996
• 325.5 , 325.6 , 326.0
• MAN 324 Typ Si-OAT
• CES 14603
• DQC CC-14
• Min LH-01-COL3A


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