Gear Universal SAE 85W-140 API GL-4, GL-5

Gear Universal SAE 85W-140 API GL-4, GL-5

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28.50 € 5 l 8

High performance multi-purpose gear oil

High performance gear oil with Total Drive Line (TDL) technology for the lubrication of axles of heavy-duty vehicles and machines where an API GL-4 or API GL-5 fluid is required.

Properties and features

• Specially developed for gears that are exposed to high mechanical loads and operating temperatures.

• Outstanding resistance against aging and oxidation helps prevent the formation of harmful residues and ensures a long service life of the oil filling.

• Modern additive package ensures excellent protection against wear and corrosion

• Good compatibility with standard seals


Suitable for use in axle drives, transfer cases and final drives where a SAE 85W-140 with the below listed specifications is required.

Observe manufacturer’s specifications and instructions before use.

Specifications / Performance level:

• API GL-4 + GL-5
• API MT-1
• ZF TE-ML 05A, 07A, 08, 12E, 16C, 16D, 17B, 19 B
• VOLVO 97310
• MIL-L-2105, 2105 D
• MIL-PRF-2105 E
• SAE J2360


TDS (Download)