SAE 0W-30 Synthoplus SSL VOLVO

SAE 0W-30 Synthoplus SSL VOLVO

Price Liters Amount
12.90 € 1 l 24
57.00 € 5 l 20

Fully synthetic low-viscosity engine oil

Fully synthetic high-performance low-viscosity engine oil with reduced HTHS viscosity (High Temperature High Shear) and fuel-saving properties, for use in modern gasoline and diesel engines where ACEA A5/B5 specifications is recommended.

This oil is produced with fully synthetic base oils in combination with additives of the latest generation.

Properties and features

• Reduced High Temperature High Shear viscosity (HTHS).

• This oil offers low friction values, which allow reduced fuel consumption under all driving conditions.

• Outstanding cold flow properties.

• Reliable wear protection at low and high temperatures.

• Low oil consumption.

• Best possible engine cleanliness.


Fuel-economy engine oil with reduced HTHS viscosity for gasoline and diesel engines in the modern cars when ACEA A5/B5 specification is recommended.

The use of an engine oil with this performance level is mandatory for several VOLVO gasoline engines and can be employed in other engine types where the below listed specification are prescribed.

For extended oil change intervals up to 30,000 km. This is a low viscosity oil, it can’t be used in all engines.

Observe manufacturer’s specifications and instructions before use.

Specifications / Performance level

• ACEA A5/B5
• ACEA 2012: A1/B1
• Volvo 95200377


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